A Large Scale Landslide in a Coal Mine in Marly Formations: Evaluation, Analysis and Rehabilitation




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George Prountzopoulos, Petros Fortsakis, Vassilis Marinos, Paul Marinos

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The paper describes a large scale landslide in a coal mine in Servia area in Kozani, Greece, which occurred on February 2011. The landslide, of ~250m width and ~350m length, took place within marly lacustrine sediments. The main factors for the manifestation of the landslide were a temporary stoppage of works, the existence of a specific weak surface, the clayey nature and the sensitivity of marl to environmental agents, the action of water and the large slope height. Due to the magnitude and the position of the failure, a purely geotechnical solution was proposed that involved rearrangement of ground masses. The proposed solution led to successful rehabilitation and unimpeded continuation of the exploitation process.


Landslide; marl; progressive failure; coal mine; rehabilitation

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4417/IJGCH-04-01-03

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