Embankment Failure in Residual Soils at Nivsar, Ratnagiri

Ashish Juneja, Deblina Chatterjee, Rajendra Kumar

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The Nivsar Yard embankment was constructed by the Konkan Railways in 1994. Near to the station building, the 22m high embankment runs parallel to the Kajali River for a stretch of about 100m. This stretch has experienced failure and settlement related problems since the record-breaking July 2005 rainfall. Corrective ground improvement measures were implemented immediately after the monsoon. However, these measures were inadequate because the failure-surface reappeared during the following monsoon. The failure-surface mirrored the shape and size of the failure observed in 2005. Since then after nearly every monsoon, the embankment has moved despite precautionary measures taken by the railway to arrest the movement.The hydrogeological and geotechnical properties which affect slope stability are first discussed. The stability of the embankment is then evaluated at 5-sections drawn along the slope. Two cases are considered. In the first case, the stability of the unreinforced slope is calculated. In the second case, calculations are done using the slope reinforced with soil nails and micropiles installed in 2005 and 2007. The design railway loading and the water level position during the dry and wet season were also taken into account in the stability analysis. The safety factor during the wet season was observed to be less than unity in 4 out of 5 sections for both cases. In each case, the critical circle passed through the toe of the embankment and mirrored the field observations. In 2010-11, the rail tracks were realigned to bypass the failure surface. The stability of the slope was reinvestigated and considered to be safe under the new loads. Irrespective of the above change in the rail alignment, the cumulative settlement of the embankment has also reduced since the 2009 monsoon.


Embankment failure, ground improvement, residual soils, simplified Bishop method, stability number


Juneja, A., Chatterjee, D., Kumar, R. (2013). Embankment Failure in Residual Soils at Nivsar, Ratnagiri, Vol. 2, Issue 3, p.229-251. doi: 10.4417/IJGCH-02-03-04

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4417/IJGCH-02-03-04

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